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Administrative Excellence - Financial Experience

Collections; nobody likes to do it and everyone wants it done! As a practice, you are in the Relationship Busin...

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Administrative Excellence - Continuous Improvement

Every Great Practice NEEDS a Great Strategy! Kaizen is a Japanese word meaning Continuous Improvement that became pr...

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Administrative Excellence - The Scheduling Experience

  You know our entire focus is on The Patient Experience.  This coaching process focuses on what we call A...

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Administrative Excellence - Bonus

This much discussed topic of bonuses has multiple sides and opinions.  This course will not debate peoples exper...

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Hygiene Profit Machine

ONLY 25 practices allowed in each Coaching session. Sign up by clicking your option to the right.  Choose ...

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Preparing for Patients & Profit

This is a simple training program that will help you and staff optimize each day and get the most out of every day! ...

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C4 Practice Leaders Circle

Affordable Consistent Support for your Practice There are many ways to get help for you and your practice, but nothi...

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HPM Analysis

Complete the information to the right so we can take you into the lessons and downlaod the pages to complete. Absolu...

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C4 Ortho Marketing Masters

Sign me up NOW! Capture more of every single marketing dollar you spend.

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C4 Marketing Masters

   ALMOST A C4 MARKETING MASTER Inside you will find everything you need to get you started. No Contract...

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New Patient Road Map 2.0

You really want people to do 3 things: Respond     Return     Refer That's it.  To operat...

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