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"I am excited to bring back all of what I learned at this course back to my coworkers and I hope my excitement for the content learned will shine through to get them excited as well." Dr. Meredith Lavine


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What can Dentistry learn from a Mouse?

A ton

Walt Disney's legacy actually has deep ties to dentistry, Travis will share with you how during the course.

Professional Development in the Field!

And a fun field it is!

You will learn not only in the classroom, but you will also be learning from inside the Parks.

Yup, you actually get to play and learn!


September 28-29, 2018 - Anaheim

Spend 2 days in class and at the Disneyland Resort, learning how to take the best from the company that has historically been the number one destination location in the world, and how to take that back to your office!

Discover the Secret to Boosting Patient Loyalty, Winning More Referrals and Serving Patients the Way You Always Dreamed It Could Be When You Attend…

2 Idea-Packed Days for Dentists and Teams Who Want to:

  • Increase Revenue, Profits … and more family time!
  • Easily Attract New Patients and Reduce Attrition
  • Reduce or Eliminate Staffing Issues and Management Headaches
  • Rediscover the Passion, Joy and Fun of Caring for Patients
  • And So Much More

Hold My Seats!

Dentistry isn’t what it used to be, is it? No doubt you have been touched or directly affected by changes happening around you.

Great care is not longer enough to keep patients from defecting.

You have to work harder (and spend more money) to attract new patients … because it’s difficult to stand out from the competition.

And with greater demand for healthcare services, it’s challenging to find – and keep – quality personnel.

Most business consultants swear that the best way to fix these woes is to define your financial goals … and then plot strategies to increase profits generated by each patient. That way, you’ll have more money to invest in marketing, hire administrative staff, and fairly compensate yourself.

But the owners of thriving practices have discovered that something completely different is the ticket to greater success in today’s rapidly changing healthcare economy…

Creating an Exceptional Patient Experience

Whether you want admit it or not … dentistry in many ways has become commoditized.

Patients have choices – lots of them. Having the right skills, training and experience is not enough to distinguish yourself … because patients expect that every dental office has technical skill.

What makes the difference and distinguishes one professional from the next?

The patient’s EXPERIENCE with your practice.

Study after study shows that when patients are asked to rate their satisfaction with their health care providers, they focus on the level of service they receive – not the level of clinical competency.

In fact, when rating a healthcare professional’s service on a scale of 1 (terrible) to 5 (exceptional), patients who give you a “4” (or “good”) are 6 times more likely to defect than customers who give you a “5.”

That’s why I’m writing to invite you to this very special event

From Disney to Dentistry

During this 2-day educational experience for dentists and teams, you’ll discover what patients really expect from providers – and how you can design and deliver an exceptional experience for your patients.

The lessons delivered in this practical course are based on the Disney principles of business excellence.

For decades, Disney has been in a class of its own for creating an exceptional guest experience. This is why Disney is a top destination … why families go back year after year … and why you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who did not enjoy their trip to one of the company’s world-class theme parks.

If you want your practice to thrive, you need to create the same exceptional level of experience for your customers. One that leaves them walking out of the door with a smile on their face, grateful that they’ve found you – and raving about your service to anyone who will listen.

What You’ll Learn In Class and IN THE PARK!

Reserve your place in this limited-seating workshop, you’ll discover:

  • Why and how your patients’ loyalty to your technical expertise has transitioned instead into loyalty to a healthcare experience
  • The 4 key areas that make up the patient experience
    What it means to create a Big Picture … and why every practice, no matter its size, needs one
  • What it takes to build an exceptional staff that can bring your vision to life
  • Ways that most practices need to be restructured to ensure an excellent patient experience and the highest-quality service
    The 4-step process for designing a unique patient experience
  • How to objectively evaluate the experience and service your practice delivers
  • The 4C’s of an exceptional patient experience
  • The core essentials needed to deliver an experience that will wow your patients – and get them raving to their friends, family and neighbors
  • The very first thing to do next if you’re ready to build a patient experience-based practice … and what to expect as you move forward
  • The 2 types of “stages” to create in your practice … and how they add an element of magic to the customer experience
  • The concepts of On Stage & Back Stage and how they pertain to your practice
  • Where value comes from in the mind of the patient or consumer (it’s not what you think)
  • What leadership really means in a patient experience-based practice … and how it directly affects patients’ impression of your service
  • The role of leadership to an exceptional practice

Who Should Attend

From Disney to Dentistry is for everyone on the dental team!

Because delivering an exceptional customer experience is a team effort that affects all aspects of your practice, we strongly recommend bringing all of your key players to this event, such as:

· Doctors

· Partners and associates

· Office manager

· Clinical staff

· Support staff

· Anyone who has any contact with patients!

Hold My Seats!

 Meet Your Patient Experience Guide

 Travis Frederickson is the founder and president of C4 Practice Services, a consulting firm focused on the Patient Experience for both dental and medical practices, and author of The Patient Experience: 4 Lessons from Disney to Dentistry.

For more than 30 years Travis has been teaching, writing, speaking and consulting with small businesses and government entities, with a focus in the last decade within the dental and medical professions.

Joining Travis will be renowned dental coach Gary Takacs. As Travis guides the journey, Gary will provide his vast experiences to enhance relevance and share experiences from his more than 30 years in dentistry.

Bring Your Team and Learn Together

 Tuition for From Disney to Dentistry is only $1,297 for doctor and $1,097 per team member (learn how to get up to 10% off below) if you book by July 31, 2018 for Anaheim.  The price increases $200 August 1, 2018.


  • 2 Day Course
  • 2 Day Park Hopper Ticket with Access to Disneyland and California Adventure
  • Food & Snacks
  • Many Surprises!

Hold My Seats!


Travis A. Frederickson

With more than 30 years of experience Coaching in Leadership, Travis shares a depth of understanding in leadership that will engage participants in every course he teaches.

His vast experience with Disney is shared in his Amazon best selling book, The Patient Experience; 4 Lessons from Disney to Dentistry.

In From Disney to Dentistry, he shares the leadership and patient experience elements that make a difference every single day in your practice.

Gary Takacs

With more than 30 years in Dentistry, Coach and practice owner Gary Takacs will share how important it is to understand and master the patient experience within your practice.

Highly respected among his peers and dentists alike, when you have an opportunity to learn from Gary, people take it.

Welcome, We'd love to have you Join US!

We had a great time in Anaheim, come join us in 2018!



Tuition for From Disney to Dentistry is only $1,297 for doctor and $1,097 per team member if you book by July 31, 2018 for Anaheim. Group Discounts of 5% for 5 or more people per practice will apply. Price increases for each by $200 August 1, 2018. Includes: - 2 Day Course - 2 Day Tickets to the Parks - Food & Snacks - Many Surprises!


Anaheim - Holiday Inn & Suites

Only a 12 minute walk to Downtown Disney where you can board the Monorail into Disneyland!  The property is at 1240 S. Walnut, book early for the best rates.


Half our time will be in the classroom at these hotels, the other half in the Parks.


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