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The most difficult part of any Practice


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C4 Practice Leaders Circle

Leaderhsip is one of the most difficult tasks a person can take on.  In a practice, that task is not only unique, it's complex.  Through training and  2 live webinars a month, it's like having your own practice guru where you can ask question and get answers without having to pay the thousands of dollars my consulting clients pay.  This is only $349/month.  Honestly, where can you get anything like this for less than $11.75/day?

If you can join me as the doctor, great.  If you want your practice manager to join in, that's fine too.  Wherever I can help, that's why I'm here.

What Do You Get?

In addition to the Live Leader calls twice a month.  I am also going to send you stuff.  I will send you a short report every month with Leadership tips and in addition, each month you get a Marketing Tip report.

The Marketing Tip report alone will pay for the entire year in one month!  How?  Because these are proven marketing processes that I use with our Marketing Master clients - getting real results.  

And One More Thing...

As a member, you get a 20% discount off of everything else we do.  That includes the monthly fee for Marketing Masters, all of our training and coaching and even the coveted and $15,000 Vision Quest.

Travis A Frederickson

In healthcare his entire professional career spanning more than 3 decades, Travis will guide you through whatever you may need.  Having consuted in leadership and hundreds of doctors over the years, he will help you see things that can guide your progress and success.

As an author, Travis has 3 best selling books on Amazon (Including The Patient Experience; 4 Lessons from Disney to Healthcare) and has done countless presentations and staff trainings.

Let Travis's experience and style work for you.

"It’s definitely made a difference in our office. We see our leaders now being able to make decisions and make choices within the office that others can see is a change. It’s a change because they can see we are all pointed to the same direction."

Dr. Kim Keller
Owner, 5 Doctor Practice

"I can't think of a bigger Rock Star in Customer Service...If you're having a problem have the courage to call Travis."

Dr. Howard Farran
Founder, Dentaltown

"I'm always open to new ideas from Travis because without him I would have never gotten to where I am now and I tell everyone who will listen about my great experience with him. I LOVE TRAVIS and will probably will need his help in the future."

Dr. Andrew Baird
Dentist, small practice

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As a Founding Member you get a special $1,200 discount in year one, and enjoy $249/month as you are a member. This offer will not be repeated and will absolutely close at launch.


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