C4 Practice Leaders Circle

Affordable Consistent Support for your Practice

There are many ways to get help for you and your practice, but nothing like this!

Twice a month I have a live interactive webinar where I answer your questions live with everyone else.  Not only will you learn from everyone who is a part of the Practice Leaders Circle - people just like you - but you will also have an opportunity to submit your issues, problems, challenges or whatever you want concerning your practice, and we will get solutions.

If you are the doctor, this is a resource unlike anything you have ever had before.  A live real-time way to address your needs.

  • Personnel
  • Marketing
  • Staffing
  • Operations
  • Collections
  • Leadership
  • Work/Live balance
  • Whatever's needed

There is something else though that makes this process highly unique. 

As part of the Leaders Circle, you will learn to delegate, and have the opportunity to have your practice manager be on the call if you can't be.  Whatever works best for your practice.  If you can be there great.  If not, let the person who takes care of things every day be on instead.

Not only do you get a practice consultant that works with you, but with your practice! 

It's the best of both worlds.

C4 Practice Leaders Circle

Unleash the Potential of your practice! You are part of a very special group of people who have access to support on the things that keep you up at night!  It's that simple.   Each day your faced with things you really want to know but have nowhere to turn.  That changes with the C4 Practice Leaders Circle. You as the doctor or whomever you have that manages your practice each day can be on board with me twice a month as I teach leadership topics and have live interactive work sessions where I answer your questions and address your challenges. No contract.  No commitment.  Use it as you need and want.  Full flexibility.  Join me in the C4 Practice Leadership Circle today.

$249.00 USD every month